Costa da Morte


Whether you are an international digital nomad looking for a rural immersion, or a local entrepreneur looking for inspiring connections, at ISlow you will find a place of great natural beauty and the perfect space to live in a slow culture environment.


Indoor and outdoor workspaces, private rooms for video calls, office and kitchen, garden and vegetable patch for community cultivation… everything you need to find inspiration and foster creativity in a rural setting of stunning natural beauty.


We began this project inspired by our belief in a way of life centred on community and traditions, and a desire to connect this wonderful place with the rest of the world, to make it grow and to become an inspiration for everyone who visits it.

Do you share our way of life?

We have all the ingredients to share our philosophy with you and, likewise, to learn from you and develop it.

A costa da morte

A Costa da Morte is the hidden gem of Galicia.

Our coast is rich in history, traditions, culture, gastronomy, wilderness and wildlife. But it is also peace, melancholy, unforgettable sunsets and notes of traditional music.


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