Accommodation Category: Family Room

O Avó

This room is called Avó, in Galician means Grandpa.

This was our great-grandfather’s room. His name was Serverino. He was a very energetic and caring person who lived until the age of 101. We are very proud.
He rarely drank alcohol or smoked. He did eat lots of eggs straight from the hens. That must have been his secret.


O Galiñeiro

Room O Galiñeiro, the chicken’s house. iSlow is an old farmhouse that belonged to Inés’s great-grandfather, Severino. In Galicia, traditional houses used to have annexes for agricultural activity. “O Galiñeiro” in Galician means the house of the chickens, although not only chickens lived here, but also pigs and rabbits.


O Cabanote

In Galician, Cabanote means “barn”, which is where this room is located.
This used to be the place for storing wood for the winter as well as some of the harvest in a little wooden room called “tulla” inside this barn.

This used to be an open space attached to the main house leading to the forest at the back of the house. It’s been renovated to accommodate this room and the coworking space.