All Year Round Activities in iSlow Coliving: Best Plans During Your Stay in Costa da Morte

best plans during your stay in Costa da Morte

Galicia is normally associated with bad weather and, therefore, with activities to be enjoyed only in summer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Specifically, Costa da Morte is a destination with many opportunities all year round. And today we want to tell you about the best plans during your stay in Costa da Morte. 

These are the best plans during your stay in Costa da Morte

We will talk about activities that are perfect for any time of the year. And, when you finish this article, you’ll see how much more you’ll want to come and share time with us at iSlow Coliving. Ready? 

1. Nature Walks

These are probably the most interesting plans throughout the year. Yes, the Costa da Morte in summer is awesome. Eternal days with breathtaking sunsets. But the rest of the year has a completely different magic. The autumn and spring light around the cliffs and the sea is unique. And so is the spectacle of the raging sea in winter. That’s why any time of year is perfect to try these options.

The Camiño dos Faros Experience: Walking and Working

At iSlow we love walking, we are passionate about nature and we love community life. And what happens when we mix these ingredients? We get an experience like the Camiño dos Faros. Something inexplicable -but we will try to express it in words here, don’t worry-. This route has different stages that follow the path between the different lighthouses of Costa da Morte, from Malpica to Fisterra, where the sea is always around.

More than 200 kilometers of walking along the most spectacular coastline in Spain where we will discover together unique beaches, cliffs, trails and lighthouses that have been guiding the intrepid vessels that venture along these rugged coasts for decades. Sharing the Camiño dos Faros experience allows you to walk and discover Costa da Morte with other iSlowers while living at home, being able to combine the activity with working hours. An experience adapted to the life of a digital nomad.

In any case, if you are interested in knowing more about this experience, you can always consult our website or contact through whatsapp to ask. We will be happy to help you. 

2. Enjoying Local Gastronomy and Culture 

Few things make you hungrier than walking in nature. And that feeling knows no season of the year. It’s not nice for us to say it, but yes, Galician food is among the best in the world. Not only for the quality of our products, but also for the variety of options adapted to all tastes.

Many people during their summer holidays in Galicia try the most typical dishes: octopus (pulpo á feira), empanada, seafood… What many people don’t know is that the best time for seafood and other dishes is autumn and winter. The months known in Spanish as “r” months (September, October, November, December, January, February, March and April).

Near iSlow, in Laxe, there are several restaurants that will allow you to taste the best of our sea, but what we really like to do here is gather to prepare meals in community. From the “Slow” style, let’s say at a slow and rural pace. From buying fresh and seasonal products, to cooking workshops and get-togethers to cook and enjoy a family dinner. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

3. Community Activities in iSlow

We have to be realistic and at iSlow we don’t want anyone to get an image that is not real. It rains in Galicia. Cats and dogs. And we never know when it will stop. That’s precisely why we are so prepared to offer alternative plans. And, what are those plans to do all year round in iSlow?

Creative Workshops

Any day is a good day to create connections and enrich our knowledge. iSlow provides the perfect environment for different professionals, from different parts of the world and with varied life contexts, to share their experiences.

In this sense, we design different workshops and community events to bring together the talent of both locals and visitors in order to generate lasting and quality links. Painting, dance, art, ceramics, entrepreneurship workshops… You can follow us on social media  so that you don’t miss any of the events we are planning. You can also message us if you are interested in offering your knowledge to the community.

Yoga and Community Meetings

best plans during your stay in Costa da Morte

By now, you understand our philosophy a little better. And this concept of “Slow Life” is ingrained in us. We like our life at home to have that tinge of calm and wellbeing. That’s why we often have yoga and meditation classes thatyou can join to deepen your inner world. 

Our interior spaces create an atmosphere of serenity and peace. Perfect for relaxing. But also to enjoy music, intense conversations and communal dinners. We love to gather around the fireplace and share special moments. And, when the weather permits, we organise dinners and parties in the outdoor areas. These are different but fun ways of bonding with great people. 

English – Spanish meetups at iSlow

This is one of the activities we like the most at iSlow, which allows us both to learn languages and to get to know the life experiences of people from different parts of the world.

This activity is designed so that local people from Laxe can come to our coliving to practice their English and meet our colivers. Thus, this activity is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with the local community of Laxe and get to know the local way of life. A wonderful way to immerse yourself in the rich culture and life of this small corner of the world.

4. Sports 

There are sports in which, although the sun is welcome, its absence is not an impediment. Sports that you can practice all year round in Costa da Morte.

Surfing in Costa da Morte

Costa da Morte is one of Spain’s surfing paradises. Of course, during autumn and winter the waves are much better for lovers of this adrenaline-filled sport. Summer is also a good time to get started. Close to iSlow are the beaches of Traba and Soesto, which have advanced level swell. 

So if you are a surf lover, don’t worry because living here you won’t have to give up the waves. Other beaches that offer beginners’ courses all year round are Razo and Malpica, just over 30 minutes from iSlow.

Running: Correndo pola Costa da Morte

In groups or alone, running is already an institution on the Costa da Morte. If you like to compete, there is a running circuit in Costa da Morte that takes place between March and October and runs through many of the municipalities in this corner of Galicia: Correndo pola Costa da Morte is an ideal way to integrate yourself into the sporting life of the place.

5. Astrotourism

Costa da Morte, starlight destination

The Costa da Morte, a starlight tourist destination, is famous for having skies without light pollution, ideal for stargazing. Although summer is a great time to observe the Milky Way or the Perseids, winter and autumn, with much longer nights, have other astronomical phenomena that are worth experiencing. 

6. Traditional Festivals and Cultural Events

Foliadas, verbenas and gastronomic festivals

We have already mentioned that Costa da Morte is a territory full of culture and gastronomy. And this is celebrated all year round. It is true that the peak of the festivals is during summer. But this does not mean that the rest of the year has no celebrations. That is something you will discover a few days after being with us at iSlow. 

Cultural events at iSlow

At home we also like to celebrate the Galician culture, that’s why we usually organise events that value the tradition of our homeland. Traditional music, dance and gastronomy are mixed to create a typical Galician atmosphere in iSlow. Are you going to miss it? 

7. Work in our Coworking space

At iSlow Coliving we understand your needs as a digital nomad. And we know that it is important to be able to combine the travel experience with having an environment conducive to work. Our house is designed with workspaces adapted to the needs of people working remotely. 

High-speed internet, ergonomic furniture and quiet surroundings. This way, you can integrate work into your day-to-day activities. Our coliving space has dedicated work areas, including private desks and communal workspaces equipped with all the essentials to ensure your productivity.

Networking Opportunities

It’s all advantages. And being surrounded by people with interesting projects and in a similar stage of life facilitates networking opportunities. Living with us will give you all the facilities you need to create networks with people from different fields of work. 

Conclusion: come to iSlow at any time of the year.

At iSlow we offer you our home as a base to get to know Costa da Morte at the same time as you develop your professional and life projects. We love to receive people from all over the world with different interests.

Gastronomy, hiking, sport, wellness, networking… The possibilities are many, whatever time of year you come. Our house is in an idyllic setting, surrounded by peace and ready to welcome you with open arms. 

Talk to us and tell us your story. We would love you to come and spend some time at home and share the best plans during your stay in Costa da Morte. We look forward to seeing you in Laxe at any time of the year!

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