Do you share our way of life?

The House

The heart of life at iSlow is centred around its traditional stone house, built around the year 1915. It belonged to iSlow founder Inés’s great-grandfather, Severino do Perito, who came from the nearby village of Borneiro and married Carmen, from whom, after 30 years of marriage, he inherited the house.

It is located 1 km from the town centre of Laxe, one of the liveliest towns on the Costa da Morte, in A Coruña, Galicia. The house is surrounded by a 2,500m2 plot of land and a large hill from which many paths lead to a variety of pristine beaches.

Slow Life

“Slow life is possible”. Yes, indeed, a life lived more slowly, with space to enjoy the work hours just as much as leisure time, is certainly possible, in Laxe this life becomes a reality.

The Slow movement originated in Italy in the 1980s as an alternative to fast food, proposing a return to traditional cooking with high-quality local produce. This philosophy has spread to now encompass our approach to work, travel and to life in general. and promotes values more in keeping with tradition and attempts to balance industrialisation and modernity with environmental sustainability and personal and social well-being.

At iSlow we aim to be masters of our time, to consume locally and to support those around us. And to share it and live it with you.

Slow Food

In Galicia, gastronomy is the common thread that brings us together around a table to share moments with family and friends. At iSlow, we advocate for a slow pace when it comes to food. We avoid rushing and try to be conscious about the products we consume. We are committed to the local, sustainable and healthy.

The Slow Food philosophy puts emphasis on the origin of its produce, the preparation of traditional meals and the satisfaction of sitting down to share it with others. These are values that connect us to our traditions. Galicians were “slow” long before we even knew about slow food.

We live in an environment surrounded by small producers and local farmers who take great care of their produce, and, fresh fish and seafood are landed every morning in the harbour at Laxe, just 1km away. We, therefore, have all the ingredients to share our philosophy with you and, likewise, to learn from you and develop it.

Do you share our way of life?