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Welcome to iSlow Coliving!

About us

We are Inés, Julio, Lois and Amelie, a family with Celtic roots. In 2020, we returned from United Kingdom where we lived for just over 10 years. We liked and enjoyed living abroad, but at the same time were filled with ideas for the “old house” we had waiting for us back home.

Several years passed with us mulling all of these ideas, until one day we felt the call to return home, and we arrived back in Galicia with our heads full of plans.

We wanted our children to grow up in contact with nature, be close to the people we love and live in a community.

But also to create our own network and undertake a project that helped meet the needs of our environment.

To be an open door to a work style in which digitisation allows mobility and where digital nomads create a life based around sustainable and quality initiatives.

This is how iSlow was born, a space to create connections while discovering the beauty of the Costa da Morte first hand.

Learn more about those of us who make up iSlow in the following blog post.

The local community

The purpose of iSlow is to facilitate the integration of our colivers in a new and exciting environment. We are a small coastal town in which everybody knows everybody and our values as a community are evident in the frequency with which we get together to share, help or celebrate.

Ourselves, our families and friends, and our collaborators are the human heartbeat of iSlow, the point of connection between the community and the guests, and as such we will share with them our culture, our gastronomy, our customs and traditions. We wish, from the heart, that the experience at iSlow can be the experience of a lifetime.


An African proverb says that it takes a village to raise a child. This saying explains the need for families to have a strong network to assist in the raising of their children.

Currently, and greatly enhanced by the period of the pandemic, thousands of families work remotely while travelling. They want to live new life experiences for themselves and their children, and at the same time integrate them with their work obligations, this is not always easy.

We want to help make this model work. And, we want to do it because we are parents, and we advocate a parenting model with a support network behind it and, above all, because we believe that a community in which children have their own space and an active role is a healthier community.

Are you a digital nomad family? Do you work while travelling? Do you feel that community parenting is more beneficial and light? Find in iSlow a place to work and live with your family and also discover everything that A Costa da Morte offers.

Philosophy and family-friendly spaces

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