Coworking Services

We have several work areas, including an office coworking space, where you can work comfortably in the company of other colivers from around the world. With them, you can get inspired, share feedback or collaborate, an ideal experience if you are discovering how to launch a project, shape a product, define a strategy, etc.

Check out our terms and conditions of the use of our coworking services for more detail.

By booking our coworking service, you will get access to

  • Access to coworking rooms and common work areas
  • Access to call rooms: have 5 hours of free weekly use.
  • Internet Wi-Fi 600 Mbps, Wi-fi 6
  • Miscellaneous supplies (toilet paper, water, tea, coffee, cleaning materials, etc.)
  • Toilet
  • Water 
  • Electricity
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Printing services
  • Liability insurance
  • Receipt of postal mail

Coworking service 1/2 day

4 hours of coworking service from 9€

Coworking service 1 day

8 hours of coworking service from 15€

Coworking service 1 month

Monthly subscription to coworking service from 121€

Private room

Call room booking from 6 €