Language Exchanges at iSlow – improve your language skills and find community

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iSlow is excited to announce a new community initiative – biweekly language exchanges!

Co-living and co-working spaces present a unique opportunity for members to share ideas and customs, and language exchanges allow us to learn from one another and communicate more effectively. 

Leading these language exchanges is Aidan Wang, an iSlow co-liver from the United States. Aidan is a native English speaker who will live in Laxe as a conversation assistant until the end of the school year. Aidan is excited to help Laxe locals and digital nomads improve their English skills, and he also enjoys learning new languages.

We will offer two sessions every week, tailoring each session to the skill level of participants. Attendees can expect a combination of games and activities that involve listening, speaking, and reading English. We strive to make all activities as engaging as possible.

If you are local to Laxe and would like to practise your English, please do not hesitate to contact us.

And if you are a potential co-liver at iSlow, participating in our language exchanges is a wonderful way to meet the Laxe community, practice your language skills, and become better immersed in the richness of the region.

Below is a video compilation of our first few language exchanges, facilitated by co-livers Aidan and Maxime. Highlights included playing “Password,” searching for rubber ducks in a scavenger hunt, and learning the “Cha Cha Slide.”

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