Family-friendly coliving – the village it takes to raise a child

Laxe, family friendly

An African proverb says, “it takes a village to raise a child“. This saying explains the need for families to have a consolidated network around parenting. Not only a network that includes professionals (health, education, etc.) or to count in case of an emergency, but a network that embraces families and acts as a community. A community in which all adults assume the responsibility that we have towards children: to provide security, protection, values, healthy relationships and general well-being.

“When we lived in small villages, we not only lived in them, but also for them. Today for many families this “village” no longer exists […] “.

Why a family-friendly coliving space?

We are social beings, and we need to feel part of a group. However, with the productive labour system and modern city life, we have put aside the shared life that we had years ago. When we lived in small towns or villages, we lived not only in them, but also for them. Today, this “village” for many families no longer exists.

If we add to this the difficulty of meeting the needs of childhood by reconciling it with the work environment, we are faced with a time bomb in which mothers and fathers must do real juggling without that network to count on. That is why at ISlow we try to focus on providing security and support to those families who travel together while they work, which are not few.

Living in a community is beneficial for children and also for mothers and fathers. Feeling part of a like-minded group reflects in family well-being and, therefore, in community well-being.

In our own experience:

“For these reasons we believe that for families who travel it is positive to look for places that are kind to children, as well as places where this is protected by a community open and welcoming to diversity […]”.

  • Boys and girls who interact in groups of different ages are filled with energy, feel a common identity and face various situations that provide them with life lessons.
  • The older ones learn to take care of the little ones, and they learn to let themselves be guided by the older ones, to trust the peer group, and this increases their autonomy. Learning to care will be a good tool to do when they are grown.
children different ages
  • When establishing relationships of autonomy, there are many needs (not essential, but for example of play, creativity and conflict resolution) that are covered. Adults reduce their intervention and increase their confidence in the world of children as well.
  • Fathers and mothers lower their alertness and feel more relaxed.
  • Mothers and fathers feel supported by the community of families, who have gone through or are going through similar nurturing and vital situations. We also learn among adults by seeing other forms of communication, upbringing or lifestyles. Thus, we open the range of possibilities. Increases empowerment in relation to parenting.
mothers and children supporting each other

The boys and girls learn from the diversity of the town as well as its traditions. Which not only have cultural components but a whole set of learning related to the feeling of each site.

For these reasons, at ISlow we believe it is positive for travelling families to stay in child-friendly places and environments where this is provided by an open and diverse community.

This kind of situation is already being covered by different colivings in many parts of the world.

¿Qué ofrecemos desde ISlow?

“We also offer a support service and administrative advice to families who want to spend long periods with us, such as joining an educational project in the area.[…]”.

Family-friendly coliving:

  • We want to contribute to that community around the families that already exists in Laxe to continue to growing and becoming even more diverse.
Diverse group of children
  • Offering family activities in nature, adapting them to the little ones.
children hike
  • Leisure and learning activities for children, in which girls and boys can participate independently, adapted activities that help parents to reconcile work and leisure activities.
  • We want to promote cultural exchange as a learning experience, whether through gastronomy, language exchange or traditions.
  • Spaces to share the needs and feelings of family life.

Facilities and services:

  • Private work spaces, to be able to separate children’s activities from work activities. Children deserve their own space and in this way parents can have greater concentration and increase their profitability and productivity.
  • Also shared workspaces, where both activities can be carried out at the same time, so that families who so choose can offer accompaniment to their children while they work.
outdoor games
  • Play areas in the spaces of the house. We want to create a family-friendly space, where childhood is included in the day-to-day activities of the house (kitchenette in the kitchen, children’s reading area in the reading area, experimentation area in the common garden….)
  • We will offer children’s options among the foods that we make available to our colivers.
kid friendly food

We also offer a support service and administrative advice to families who want to spend long periods with us, such as joining an educational project in the area.

Last but not least, families with babies can feel reassured about safety issues. We will have anti-baby plugs installed, for example, and we will also have other facilities for logistical purposes, such as changing tables.

Are you a digital nomad family? Do you work while travelling? Do you feel that parenting in a community is more beneficial and light? The most interesting thing for us is to know your opinion, that you share your needs with us and help us continue growing.

ISlow is a community and families are part of it!

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