The minimum stay is 14 nights.

We offer a 30% discount when booking for 4 weeks or more.

Prices vary by length of stay and by an occupation of 1 or 2 guests. Check out our rooms for actual prices. All rooms are ensuite.

Included in the price is room cleaning, bed lining and towels, coffee, tea, milk, bread, cooking basics, 24/7 use of the workspace and shared areas. For more details, click here.

We charge 30% deposit at the time of booking.

Reservation cancellation fees are free up to 30 days before the date of arrival. Between 30 and 15 days before arrival, 50% of the deposit will be charged, and less than 15 days before arrival, the total amount of the deposit will be charged.

This deposit applies to bookings made at least 5 days before the check-in date. Otherwise, the full amount is charged.

By completing a booking and agreeing with the terms and conditions, the client commits to pay the remaining amount upon arrival.

If you arrive at the premises and decide to leave earlier than scheduled or cancelling the booking after the arrival date, the payment will be adjusted to the provided number of nights, and the deposit will not be returned.

Most people at iSlow stay between 2 weeks and 1,5 months. Colivers are working professionals and families with a young and adventurous soul. iSlow is not a party place, but our colivers are very social and like to interact within the community and also with the locals. 

Of course, iSlow concept revolves around families.

Although, this doesn’t necessarily mean we will only focus on providing a specific service for families with small kids.

We try our best to support the needs of families and individual colivers staying with us at a particular moment in time, e.g. adjusting house rules temporarily to allow quiet areas during working hours, providing or facilitating dedicated services for families such as childcare or family activities by collaborating with local businesses.

For this to succeed, we appreciate feedback and involvement from the community, and we encourage community members to contribute with ideas and improvements around the house facilities and behaviours.

We love pets, but we are still not sure about whether we are prepared to host them.

We’ve had a couple of very successful experiences with lovely dogs.

If you are interested, just get in contact, and we will explore your particular case.

The internet connection at iSlow is fast and stable all around the space.

High-speed 600mbps.

Yes there is! We have a fully equipped kitchen that can be used by all community members with two cooking areas.

The weather here is very random, but generally mild in the winter and also in the summer.

Average winter temperatures:

  • High Temp: 13 °C
  • Low Temp: 9 °C
  • Mean Temp: 11 °C

Average summer temperatures:

  • High Temp: 23 °C
  • Low Temp: 17 °C
  • Mean Temp: 20 °C


It can get foggy and drizzling any time in the year but never too cold or too hot.

We organise workshops and events that are related to the local area and its traditions, such as traditional Galician cooking and crafts. 

We also love sharing knowledge, so every time we have the opportunity, we encourage our community members to offer skill share sessions.

We offer a few items that can be consumed at breakfast or anytime of the day such as coffee, tea, cow and oat milk, bread, jam, and butter and some seasonal fruit.

Also, spices, dressings, and other cooking basics are also included in your stay.

We do organise family dinners, lunches and now and then we host a BBQ, brunch or shared meal.

The communal kitchen is fully equipped and can be used by everyone.

Ten minutes walk from iSlow Coliving you’ll find a big supermarket, shops, and restaurants. 

At iSlow 50% of the guests rent or drive their own car during their stay. We would recommend this if you want to explore the area at its fullest.

Public transport in this area is not great, but we can also help you get around, either by taxi or sharing cars when possible.

There is usually enough cars in the house for everyone to join in activities, it just takes a bit of organisation and extra flexibility.

First of all, it’s good to know, that when it comes to public transport, Google Maps will not show up all the routes to get to us from the main airports.

By plane, the nearest airports are Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña. Both connected to main cities in Europe and Spain.

By bus, either from Santiago airport or A Coruña airport.

In this site you can find all the routes to either Laxe or nearby towns like Baio.

Just make sure you do not select direct buses only to get more options, as most connections are just stops of a few minutes.

By taxi,

You can contact Martina or Raquel through WhatsApp to be picked up or to go to the following places.

  • Santiago airport – iSlow  80€
  • A Coruña – iSlow 80 €
  • Carballo – iSlow 45 €

At iSlow we don’t have a gym as such, but we do have a yoga deck and basic weights and mats that can be used in some shared areas.

Also, there is a municipal gym very close, we can help you sign up with them.