iSlow’s Mission and Vision: Promoting Galician Rural Development, Preserving our Traditions and Promoting Well-being in a Sustainable World


We live in a world that is increasingly changing and more disconnected from the community. A world that turns to the city and loses sight of the rural areas. A society that has turned its back on the profound value of the natural environment and the wellbeing it generates.

For this reason, it is increasingly necessary that there are projects in our community that value Galician rural development, extol our traditions and promote a more communal life, where wellbeing and nature are part of everyday life. In iSlow Coliving, we believe that it is possible to revitalise the Galician countryside through an integral and community project. Therefore, we want to tell you about our mission and vision for this corner of the world called Costa da Morte.

iSlow's Mission: Galician Rural Development

Revitalising and Developing Rural Life in Costa da Morte

Our first objective is crystal clear: to achieve greater Galician rural development. This objective responds to the need to address the major problems of the most depopulated areas of our territory, which we will talk about later. We want to reverse this situation by creating opportunities that allow people to prosper and achieve a full life.

Maintaining Galician Traditions

Promoting culture, festivals and the enhancement of our gastronomy is our way of keeping Galicia’s millenary identity alive. We want to do it from the communion between the people of our territory and the colivers who visit us from any part of the planet. Foliadas, verbenas, activities with cultural associations. When you come to Laxe, we want you to immerse yourselves in the authentic life of the Costa da Morte and do your bit for its continuity.

Promoting the Values of Well-being and Peaceful Living in Nature

Modern life can be stressful and hectic. We know this because we have lived in the city and because of the experiences you tell us about. In our home, we promote a lifestyle that values tranquillity and wellbeing, without renouncing one’s own life and work projects. For this reason, our space is perfectly adapted to combine activities that promote wellbeing with remote work from Galicia.

Helping Social Mobility through Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas

Entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for improving social mobility in rural areas. We support those looking to start or move their businesses to the countryside of Galicia by providing workshops and a strong network. We believe that with the right tools, anyone can thrive in our territory.

Promoting a more Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We encourage practices that respect the environment and seek a balance with nature. From local and organic food with seasonal produce to sustainable construction. Every aspect of iSlow Coliving is designed to minimise our environmental impact.

The Current Problems of Rural Galicia

Our mission responds to a reality that, unfortunately, affects us: Galician rural development faces several significant challenges that make projects like iSlow necessary.

Lack of Professional Opportunities

One of the biggest barriers is the lack of professional opportunities. Many young people are forced to migrate to the cities in search of employment, leaving behind rural areas that have an increasingly smaller working population.

Shortage of services

This lack of activity results in a greater shortage of basic services such as kindergarten, paediatricians and public transport. This makes it difficult for young families to settle and prosper in rural areas.

An Ageing and Dispersed Population

In a territory where young people emigrate and older people remain, the average age is getting older. For this reason, the loss of population, ageing and dispersion of it is a growing problem for the Costa da Morte and Galicia. Excluding Cee and Carballo, all the municipalities of the Costa da Morte have lost population since 2001. These demographic dynamics complicate social cohesion and the provision of essential services.

Our Vision: Initiatives for Change

At iSlow, we are committed to our territory and we want to address these issues through several concrete initiatives.

Workshops and Training to Improve Employability

We organise workshops and host training programmes specifically aimed at women, such as Pymeon’s The Break programme. These initiatives aim to improve their skills and employment opportunities, enabling them to stay and thrive in rural areas. We also seek to provide young people interested in rural entrepreneurship with support and opportunities.

Visibilisation of Remote Professions

We have a coworking space with a good internet connection and a quiet environment. Our home in Laxe is perfect for people who need a quiet place to work remotely.

Organisation of Traditional Festivals and Cultural Collaboration

We want to keep the Galician countryside alive. Therefore, we collaborate and participate in different activities with local cultural associations. These activities not only enrich the cultural life of the region, but also attract visitors from many places looking for authentic experiences.

Artistic and Cultural Residencies

We have started an exciting adventure offering the possibility of artistic residencies in our coliving. If you are a person dedicated to creation and art, write to us and we will tell you more about this initiative.

Rural Housing Search Service

The Centre for Sociological Research of Spain (CIS) already places housing as one of the three biggest problems for the Spanish population. Therefore, we want to ensure that new residents find suitable housing in rural areas. This service is essential in order to attract and retain people who wish to live in a rural environment.

Expected Impact for Galician Rural Development

We want these types of initiatives to help increase the number of people registered in the rural areas of the Costa da Morte. We want to attract people from other places and countries and also encourage the return of those who have emigrated. All this while maintaining the cultural and natural wealth of the Costa da Morte. All of this from a sustainable vision that values a peaceful and natural way of life.

Join Our Way

The colivers are a fundamental part of this change. That’s why we like you to be part of this path that, from iSlow, we are undertaking. If you visit us in Laxe, you will be able to experience the rural development in the Costa da Morte first-hand at the same time that you enjoy an unforgettable experience with incredible people. At iSlow Coliving we not only offer a place to live and work, but a community where you can be part of the change.

Write to us and join our mission to revitalise Galician rural development, preserve our traditions and promote a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms!

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