Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of use of the coliving service.

Booking conditions

To book accommodation in our space we require a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the bookig.

This deposit can be paid online payment or by bank transfer.

This deposit applies to bookings made at least 5 days before the check-in date. Otherwise, the full amount is charged.

The remaining amount of the reservation will be paid upon arrival.
We will confirm your reservation by emailing you, indicating the dates of the reservation and the agreed amount.

Our rates include accommodation, 24/7 access to the coworking space and all our facilities, occupancy tax, free tea, coffee and much more.

Cancellation policy

Reservation cancellation fees are free up to 30 days before the date of arrival. Between 30 and 15 days before arrival, 50% of the deposit will be charged, and less than 15 days before arrival, the total amount of the deposit will be charged.

By completing a booking and agreeing with the terms and conditions, the client commits to pay the remaining amount upon arrival.

If you arrive at the premises and decide to leave earlier than scheduled, in the case of a no-show or cancelling the booking after the arrival date, full payment is required.


To check you in, we will require ID documents or passports of all guests over 14 years of age.

Check-in time is after 4:00 pm. If you arrive earlier, you can access the house, but you will probably have to wait until your room is ready. If you arrive late at night, we may send you the information you will need to access the house and your room and give you a proper tour the next day.

Check-out time is before 12:00 am. If you plan to leave later, you can stay in the house, but you will have to free up your room or bedroom.

During the stay

Only booked and registered colivers/guests will be able to access the coliving space.

The client agrees to leave the space in perfect condition. If any damage occurs, the customer must notify it as soon as possible.

Between 11:00 p.m. and 08:00 a.m., the rest of the other guests must be respected.

Smoking is not allowed inside the space or in outdoor areas.

It is not allowed to use the fireplace without prior notification.

Terms and conditions of the use of the coworking service, daily or monthly use. 

From one side, Maria Ines Silva Liste, who appears in her own name and right, as iSlow Coliving & COWORKING

And on the other hand, the user, as COWORKER, who appears in his own name and right, 


FIRST. Services contract

iSLOW COLIVING & COWORKING is a common space and should be used as such. The relationship between iSlow Coliving & Coworking and coworker users is one of service provision.

SECOND. Duration

This contract has a duration of as many days as stipulated at the time of booking and will not be renewed automatically unless one of the parties communicates its intention to renew it. There is no minimum stay period.

THIRD. Non-compliance with payment date

In the event that the CoWorker delays more than 7 days in the payment of the fixed price, the service provider may terminate the signed contract without the need for a judicial resolution, conserving the right to cease the provision of the contracted services. The CoWorker would carry out the eviction of the Job and its free, empty and expeditious delivery at the free disposal of the service provider and in the same state in which it is received. In case of breach, by any of the parties, of the obligations derived from this contract, the party that would have complied, may declare it resolved, notifying the other party in a reliable manner without prejudice to compensation for damages and compensation for losses. damages that may occur.

FORTH. Payment terms

The coworker agrees to pay the price stipulated at the time of booking to iSlow Coliving & Coworking.

FIFTH. Rate update

The price of the services will be updated at the time that iSlow Coliving & Coworking determines, generically applying the canon corresponding to the previous year to the percentage variation experienced by the National General Index of the Consumer Price Index System (IPC). in a period of twelve months immediately prior to the update date. The reference for the first update is the one corresponding to the last index that was published on the date of execution of the contract and in the successive ones that corresponds to the last one published. iSlow Coliving & Coworking reserves the right to modify, taking other references, the prices stipulated for its services.

SIXTH. Included services

The service provision contract includes:

  • Use of workstations intended for shared work. It is put at your disposal: shared work table, chair, and other existing services in the workroom.

What is included:

  • Use of Toilet.
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Internet Wi-Fi
  • Miscellaneous supplies (toilet paper and cleaning material…)
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Use of office (does not include the oven).

What is available, but incurs an additional cost:

  • Use of meeting rooms for an additional cost.
  • Use of the oven in the office.
  • Printing services. 

What is not included:

  • Use of Entrance Lobby for customer reception
  • Receipt of postal mail: the coworker agrees to collect the certified mail sent to the space. iSlow Coliving & Coworking is not responsible for the postal mail received in the space. Under no circumstances, the managers of the coworking can authorize with their signature the document that certifies the collection of certified mail.
  • Coworkers can incorporate any extraordinary equipment they need, at their expense and cost, with prior authorization from the managers.

SEVENTH. Access to iSlow Coliving & Coworking.

If provided, access to iSlow Coliving & Coworking is done with a personal electronic code. The use of the access code is confidential and should not be communicated to anyone outside or inside the team. 

EIGHTH. Access to iSlow Coliving & Coworking. 

The CoWorker declares to receive access to the job object of the contract in perfect conditions and in normal operation of all its facilities and services and, consequently, undertakes to return it in the same state at the end of the contract. 

NINTH. Liability insurance 

iSlow Coliving & Coworking undertakes to take out insurance that covers civil liability for the activity carried out, as well as the particular content of the coworker who is in the space.

iSlow Coliving & Coworking assumes responsibility for the safety of Workstations and Common Areas, which could be caused to people, merchandise or things, in case of fire, forced robbery and in general accidents of any kind. Not so in case of theft. Likewise, it is forbidden to introduce and have flammable, harmful or dangerous materials in the space. iSlow Coliving & Coworking reserves the right to incorporate as many security measures as it deems appropriate, without prior notice to CoWorkers for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the safety of human, material or other resources found in its facilities at all times. 

TENTH. Prohibition of assignment of the contract

The CoWorker may not assign the contract or rehire the Job to third parties.

ELEVENTH. Contract with legal persons 

In the event that iSlow Coliving & Coworking provides its services to another legal entity that has contracted workers under a labor regime, it is required in any case that, at the signing of this contract, an annex with a copy of the labor contracts of all those workers who are part of the legal entity that joins the space. 

TWELFTH. Compliance with the rules of use 

The coworker agrees to comply with the Welcome Manual. iSlow Coliving & Coworking reserves the right to terminate the contract in the event that the Coworker fails to comply with the aforementioned manual. 

THIRTEENTH. iSlow Coliving & Coworking Professional Responsibility 

iSlow Coliving & Coworking will be exempt from liability in any field (legal, economic, social or otherwise) related to users who use its facilities solely as a physical place to carry out their work. The activity of each coworking user is their own and in no case does it imply iSlow Coliving & Coworking since they are companies, organizations, individual or legal persons or of another type with social objects or independent activities that have nothing to do with iSlow Coliving & Coworking. 

FOURTEENTH. Causes of termination of the contract

This contract will be terminated for any of the following reasons: Failure to comply with any of the prohibitions or obligations established in this contract. Failure to comply with the User Manual provided for in Annex 1 of this contract. Failure to pay one or more monthly payments. Termination of the agreed term. Withdrawal of the coworker.

FIFTEENTH. Confidentiality of information

The parties agree that any information, provided or created between them or with the rest of the coworkers or to which they may have access by any means, during the term of this contract and, subsequently, after its termination or resolution, will be kept strictly confidentiality. Confidential information will be considered, among others: That information that as a whole or due to the exact configuration or structuring of its components, is not generally known among experts in the corresponding fields. Anything that is not easily accessible That information that is not subject to reasonable protection measures, in accordance with the circumstances of the case, in order to maintain its confidential nature. Any of which the coworker and/or the service provider could have knowledge by any means within the Space that was related to the development of the profession of the rest of the coworkers. The coworkers are responsible for the correct treatment of their data, and iSlow Coliving & Coworking is not responsible or their address for the possible loss, theft or illegitimate use of the same. 

SIXTEENTH. Use of corporate image 

iSlow Coliving & Coworking The use of the corporate image, logos, websites or any other element or object related to iSlow Coliving & Coworking is prohibited in its entirety, and may only be used in a timely manner, under the conditions that specifically and reliably expose the address of iSlow Coliving & Coworking in a document written solely for that purpose. 

Companies, organizations, physical or legal persons or of another type that are qualified as coworkers by iSlow Coliving & Coworking can use the logo, the name of the Coworking and its physical address to advertise that they are located in the facilities that iSlow Coliving & Coworking has made available to you. 

Any use of the corporate image, logos, websites or physical or non-physical elements made by the coworkers, without the explicit permission of those responsible for iSlow Coliving & Coworking, may be subject to a complaint and liability requirement, by iSlow Coliving & Coworking.

SEVENTEENTH. Prohibition of exclusive relationship

iSlow Coliving & Coworking does not undertake to favour or ensure any type of exclusive relationship with its coworkers, and professionals with similar or identical profiles may join the space, without this being a cause for a claim by a coworker. In any case, it will be the management of the company who reserves the right to decide the conditions of acceptance or rejection of the new incorporations. And, in proof of conformity with this contract, the parties sign it in the place and on the date indicated in the heading.


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