The Camino Dos Faros – Stage 3 – Ponteceso – Laxe


Forests, Farms, Beaches, Mountains, Cliffs, Ruins, History, and Hiking – Stage 3 of the Camino dos Faros offers it all!

Stage 3 of the Camino dos Faros is a 25.3 km hike from Ponteceso to Laxe. During the 5.5 hours of hiking, the route includes a variety of terrains and views, and it appeals to both beginner hikers and seasoned trekkers.

The route begins in Ponteceso on a gravel path that turns into a flat, cobble-stone paved path along the River Anllóns. In the early morning hours, we enjoy seeing anchored fishing boats in the distance, birds sending ripples through the glassy water, and greeting passerby cycling groups and other hikers. 

After admiring the views of the River Anllón estuary, we continue onwards along the route of the “Rego dos Muíños,” towards Castro A Cibda and the Dolmen in Dombate. We appreciate seeing Roman and Galician ruins and learning more about Galician history. Along the “Rego dos Muíños” route, there are remnants of aquifer-like structures that channelled water through stone huts, where the flow of the water-powered stone mills that transformed the corn crop into grain and flour. Further along the path, at Castro A Cibda, lies the ruins of a Roman fort. One of the most intact ruins is a former Roman bathhouse. The Dolmen in Dombate is a significant monument of megalithic art in Galicia. Archaeologists have estimated that the Dolmen was constructed around 3000 BCE.

After absorbing the rich history, we proceed to climb to the top of Mount Castelo. At 312 meters high, the summit of Mount Castelo is the highest point of the hike, and from this vista, it is possible to see the entirety of Laxe, including the beach and town.

As we make our way back to the coast, the views become more dramatic. With strong winds blowing from the sea and waves crashing along the rocky cliffs, it is no wonder why the Costa da Morte was dubbed with its notorious and ominous name. 

After following the single-track gravel path along the cliffs, we return to iSlow, where we are greeted with olives and, of course, Galician cervezas!

Do you want to know more about it? We encourage you to review the technical details of this route on the official website of O Camiño dos Faros and start organising your next hike. As we said before, we will be happy to show you around.

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