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Worldschool Families Coliving Experience

An authentic family-friendly coliving experience


Coliving experience for world-schooling families


Anytime during
April & May 2024
Minimum 2 weeks.


iSlow Coliving, A Costa da Morte, the hidden gem of Galicia, Northern Spain

What is this experience about?

Embrace a lifestyle that seamlessly blends work, travel, and education, giving your family a unique opportunity to learn and grow together.

iSlow Coliving empowers families to break free from traditional constraints, offering a world of possibilities for education beyond textbooks. Immerse yourself in a global community of like-minded families, and watch as your children develop a deep appreciation for diversity and a passion for lifelong learning.

Join us on A Costa da Morte (Northern Spain) for this journey where the world becomes your classroom, every day is a new adventure in education and the sea and the community play a big role.

Who is this for?

This experience is tailored for wandering families who embrace a world schooling lifestyle while travelling.

Digital nomad families seeking a coliving experience that seamlessly integrates work, travel, and education. The focus is on providing a dynamic and culturally enriching environment for both parents and children, where learning extends beyond traditional boundaries.

iSlow Coliving aims to serve as a platform for families, emphasing the global community, cultural immersion, and the boundless opportunities for education that come with the nomadic lifestyle.

What you'll do

Colive with other families

Enjoy your stay with a community of like-minded digital nomad families and remote workers who are passionate about travelling as much as you are.

Homeschool your kids

From the comfort of our kitchen or any of the communal areas, indoor or outdoor in nature.

Keep up with your job

Combine your stay at iSlow Coliving with laptop work time. Do not leave your job or clients unattended.

Explore A Costa Da Morte

Discover the hidden gem of Galicia. Experience endless sensations, from the roar of the sea to unforgettable sunsets, as well as beaches with crystal clear waters and high cliffs with amazing views.

Homeschooling at iSlow Coliving

At iSlow Coliving, we offer shared areas that are perfectly suitable for daytime educational activities.

These versatile spaces are designed to accommodate the diverse needs of digital nomad families, providing a comfortable and conducive environment for homeschooling.

Equipped with modern amenities and technology, these shared areas can be utilized for assignments, virtual classes, and independent study.

Our commitment to fostering a supportive community means that families can make use of these spaces collaboratively, encouraging peer interaction and shared learning experiences.

At iSlow Coliving, we prioritise flexibility and adaptability, ensuring that your family’s homeschooling journey integrates into the nomadic lifestyle we embrace.

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Experience coliving

Immerse yourself in the vibrant community of iSlow Coliving—a haven for digital nomad families seeking the ideal balance between remote work and a nurturing environment. Set in a serene location, this coliving experience goes beyond mere accommodation; it’s a lifestyle where professional collaboration, innovation, and personal growth seamlessly converge.

Keep up with your job

Get some work done, no need to leave your clients or projects unattended.

Connect with like-minded remote-working families, share insights, and cultivate a sense of community. Carefully designed spaces and amenities create a dynamic environment tailored to the unique needs of remote professionals and their families. 

iSlow Coliving is more than just a place to stay; it’s a dedicated space that transforms your remote work experience into a seamless and inspiring journey.

✔ High speed internet 600 Mbps
✔ Coworking Space
✔ Private desk in your room
✔ Call room 

Explore a Costa da Morte

Let your adventurous spirit thrive by exploring the untouched coastal landscapes of A Costa da Morte during your stay.

Venture off the beaten path to discover rugged cliffs, hidden coves, and pristine beaches, creating a breathtaking tapestry of nature’s wonders.

Take a break from your tasks and recharge amidst the serene beauty that surrounds our coliving space, forging a unique and invigorating balance between productivity and exploration.

What is included

Communal teaching space

Share teaching area with other parents and children
Share tips and experiences

Coliving Accommodation

The comfort of your own home plus the company of like-minded wandering families and slow travellers.

Coworking spaces

Work from the comfort of your room, our coworking space, call room or even communal outdoor spaces.

Group Activities

Weekly yoga sessions
Galician cooking workshops
Galician music & Ecstatic/psycho dance
Sharing circles
Surf/Sup sessions (optional)

Explore A Costa Da Morte

Organised group visits
Local fairs, markets and festivals
Coastal Hiking
Lighthouse way & Camino de Santiago

What a week looks like

Here’s a closer look at each day:

What other families are saying


Ofer Shani

We loved our stay at iSlow. My wife, me and our 3 kids spent a month in this beautiful coliving, surrounded by wild nature and great beaches for surfing. This place is a true gem. Management is thoughtful and tasteful.


Benjamin Bertrand

We had a lovely time at Islow coliving, The house is really nice and charming, very well located not far from the beach. Perfect for working, meeting new persons and discovering the Amazing Galicia !


Erez Peretz

Even after watching the amazing pictures on the website, you would still be surprised when you get there…the design that makes you feel calm, happy, laid back and focused, the vibe, the community, Julio and Ines, just elevate the experience. I have been there for a month and surely know that I will come back. Close to this place you would find beautiful beaches, charming forest and a town with the best seafood ever. All under pleasant weather.


Double Room En-suite

Private double room all for yourself and your child

Private Double Room – 1 week

1 adult + 1 child private room
  • *Price is per room/week. Early bird 30 days before the start date, afterwards €425/week.

Family Room En-suite

1 double bed + 1 or 2 single beds, up to 4-5 people

Family Room – 1 week experience

up to 4-5 people family room
  • *Price is per room/week. Early bird 30 days before the start date, afterwards €625/week

How to book

1 Choose your package

1. Decide if you want a double or a family room.
2. Also, the lenght of your stay

2 Submit Booking request form

Fill the form with the dates, the preferred room type, length of stay and your details.

3 We will confirm availability

We will email you confirming availability and with a link to pay.

4 Reserve your spot paying a deposit

We request 20% deposit to confirm your booking, the remaining amount will be paid upon arrival.

Request your booking!

Have Questions?

WhatsApp us/Call us at +34 633 335 211

Join us!


You can choose between 2 weeks, 1 month or 2 months.


30% deposit at the moment of reservation.

70% final payment at the start of your stay.

The initial deposit is non-refundable, however, if you cannot come, someone else can take your spot at no extra cost.

Note: Minimum is 4 and maximum is 16 participants between adults and children. From our experience of facilitating international communities – this is the perfect group size that allows for creating meaningful connections, accountability and a personalised approach. 

The organisers reserve the right to cancel the experience and fully refund the participants in the event of not meeting the minimum number of participants. 

Most people at iSlow are working professionals, freelancers, remote workers and adventurous souls. iSlow is not a party place, but our colivers are very social and like to interact within the community and also with the locals. 

The internet connection at iSlow is fast and stable all around the space.

High-speed 600 Mbps.

Yes there is! Our kitchen is one of the best things of the house. We have a fully equipped kitchen that can be used by all community members, with two cooking areas, fridges and storing areas.

In general, the weather here is very mild all year round, but it can also be very random. It can get foggy and drizzling any time of the year, but never too cold or too hot.

Average winter temperatures:

  • High Temp: 13 °C
  • Low Temp: 9 °C
  • Mean Temp: 11 °C

Average summer temperatures:

  • High Temp: 23 °C
  • Low Temp: 17 °C
  • Mean Temp: 20 °C


Meals are not included in the price of this retreat but if you need any additional item we are here to help.

We offer a few items that can be consumed at breakfast or anytime of the day such as coffee, tea, cow and oat milk, bread, jam, and butter and some seasonal fruit.

Also, spices, dressings, and other cooking basics are also included in your stay.

We do organise family dinners, lunches, and now and then we host a BBQ, brunch or shared meal.

The communal kitchen is fully equipped and can be used by everyone.

Ten minutes walk from iSlow Coliving you’ll find a big supermarket, shops, and restaurants. 

No estrict need to have a car. The price of this experience include the transportation to some of the activities but having a car is highly recommended to explore the area.

We can help you find affordable car rental option or organise your trip to our coliving and arrange an airport transfer from Santiago or  A Coruña, or any of the towns nearby.

First of all, it’s good to know, that when it comes to public transport, Google Maps will not show up all the routes to get to us from the main airports.

By plane, the nearest airports are Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña. Both connected to main cities in Europe and Spain.

By bus, either from Santiago airport or A Coruña airport.

In this site you can find all the routes to either Laxe or nearby towns like Baio.

Just make sure you do not select direct buses only to get more options, as most connections are just stops of a few minutes.

By taxi,

You can contact Martina or Raquel through WhatsApp to be picked up or to go to the following places.

  • Santiago airport – iSlow  80€
  • A Coruña – iSlow 80 €
  • Carballo – iSlow 45 €

Yes, of course, if there are rooms available you are welcome to stay longer after the retreat, and you will enjoy a 30% discount for the rest of your stay.

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